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epoksili dowel barDowel bars application

Dowel bars application

Half of the length of this bar is embedded in one of the concrete slabs and the rest is adhered to the adjacent slab. One end of the rod is kept free for movement during expansion and contraction of the slab depending on temperature change.

Dowel Bar is used to transfer load from one plate to another while allowing axial thermal expansion along the round shaft axis. Stainless Dowel Bar is usually produced from flat round material. They provide a durable, corrosion resistant solution to joints in concrete or other structural applications. There is a Dowel Bar suitable for most requirements, available in a variety of sizes, material grades and strengths.

We have dowel bar manufacturing according to the specifications below.

Carbon Steel: ASTM A615/615M: Gr40, Gr60, Gr75

Stainless steel: 304/304L, 316/316L, S31803, S32205, S32304

Dowel Bar

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Dowel Bar is placed at the transverse joints of a concrete slab and plays an important role in partial shear load transfer from one slab to the adjacent slab. Dowel Bar also allows axial thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete slab along the slip axis.

Dowel Bar (Kayma Demir Çubukları) kaldırım,beton yol,apron vb. imalatlarda üretimin performansını önemli ölçüde artırır, yapının ömrünü uzatır.

Her ne kadar ilk maliyeti arttırsalar da, Yaşam Döngüsü Maliyeti’ni düşürürler.

Dowel Bar significantly increases the performance of the production in pavement, concrete road, apron, etc. manufacturing and extends the life of the structure.
Although Dowel bar increases the initial cost, it lowers the Life Cycle Cost.